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 Rules of the Artistic Area

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Rules of the Artistic Area Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Artistic Area   Rules of the Artistic Area EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 9:43 pm

*****Read this before posting anything*****

1.Only Artistic discussions are allowed. If you wish to chat with someone about something else, ask them to do so in a different forum

2.No cursing/swearing beyond the limit. ex/(good)This is the shit! (bad) YOU MOTHER****** YOU SON OF A *****. Any mention of the over-the-limit swears and you will be banned from this Forum and all other Forums

3.If you wish to post pics that are FROM A DIFFERENT WEBSITE, please give credit.
(good) {Image Here}
I got this from

(bad){Image Here} (Notice:no credits!)

4.If you wish to upload your own artwork, add your signature to it so people won't steal, it will be notified, and that person will be banned

5.Keep this forum in a healthy state. Don't be too serious about what you're doing.

6.No hentai or nudity pics in general, AKA, pornography. That is for 4chan and you will be banned.

From your Admin,
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Rules of the Artistic Area
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