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 Rules of the Superforum! *******READ BEFORE POSTING!*******

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PostSubject: Rules of the Superforum! *******READ BEFORE POSTING!*******   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:48 pm

1:NO SPAM**** Like this:

dlksajdisojdsaojdsio%%%@#@!%#@$#@!%$!%^!shjahjhhhhhh:lol!: flower flower flower
a post like that will get it removed and, on multiple offences, get you banned from this forum.

2: Superforum is for NON GAMING RELATED THINGS. No pokemon, no Mario, Luigi, Zelda, ect.

3: Please be non violent to other people and things. You may curse, or cuss, but not violently.
a good example is: Shit I just got a burn on my hand from my lamp!
a bad one is: F*** YOU, YOU F***** H**! GO TO f****** HELL! (censored so I wont get banned my self Razz)

4: This is a fun forum and always will be. Try not to be too serious!

5: No pornography! That's for 4chan!

Your faithful mod,
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PostSubject: SuperForum Rules (you know them-by Admin)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:38 pm

If you have read the pokemon and Mario rules, it applies to here.

From your Admin and Youtuber,
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Rules of the Superforum! *******READ BEFORE POSTING!*******
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