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 Rules of Pokemon Chat Room! *****READ BEFORE POSTING******

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PostSubject: Rules of Pokemon Chat Room! *****READ BEFORE POSTING******   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:01 pm

The rules of Pokemon Chat Room:

1: NO SPAM*****
an example of spam would be:

sdahfjsjjjjjjkjlkjkljkjjlk===-=-=-=-=-=-=-329040819 What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face tongue
Doing this will result in you getting your post removed and, on multiple offices, banned from this forum.

2: Pokemon Chat Room is for ALL POKEMON RELATED THINGS! Only things that are like pokemon or have pokemon in them are aloud. An exception would be friend codes; DO NOT POST FRIEND CODES HERE! This can be about the games or anime or whatever about pokemon.

3: 3: Please be non violent to other people and things. You may curse, or cuss, but not violently.
a good example is: Shit I just got a burn on my hand from my lamp!
a bad one is: F*** YOU, YOU F***** H**! GO TO f****** HELL! (censored so I wont get banned my self Razz)

4: This is a fun forum and always will be. Try not to be too serious!

5: No pornography! That's for 4chan!

Your faithful mod,
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PostSubject: Rules of Pokemon Chatroom (by Admin)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:32 pm

A continuation of mod MuffinRobot's example.
1.This is all about anime, game, trading cards, wallpapers, whatever you could think of about Pokemon. Friend Code posting is in the Pokemon Wi-Fi Forum.

2.Don't use harsh langauge, the result could be banishment from this forum. Keep a healthy, fun enviroment.

3.anything that is or is referencing to pornography will be removed and you will be banned

4.Please, stay on topic of this Forum. If you have anything else besides Nintendo/Pokemon Related subjects, go to the SuperForums Forum

5.Enjoy the forum!

From your faithful Admin and Youtuber,
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Rules of Pokemon Chat Room! *****READ BEFORE POSTING******
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