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 Pokedex Guess Rules-by Admin

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Pokedex Guess Rules-by Admin Empty
PostSubject: Pokedex Guess Rules-by Admin   Pokedex Guess Rules-by Admin EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 12:30 am

1. You can use any pokemon you want to from the national pokedex.

2.You can:
a) describe physical characteristics
b) give your own or an official pokedex entry
c) (optional) Tell if it is in a movie, game, manga, series, etc.
d) put your question into a riddle

3.You can NOT:
a) give a color/shiny, non-shiny clue (to stop confusion-pun intended)
b) Give away any part of the name
c) Do more than 1 at a time
d) Post a sillhouete of the pokemon (as it gives it away)

4.Legendaries are allowed, but must have at least one merchandise/technological related thing towards the riddle/question.

5.Do not ask or post an questions or comments that is not related to this Forum game. Please post it elsewhere.

6. Do not repeat the same pokemon you answered before. If you wish to do, configure your question so it doesn't match at all.

7. Nothing inappropriate in the question or answer. Anything like that and you will be banned from this forum and all other forums.


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Pokedex Guess Rules-by Admin
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